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3 Must-Have Small Biz Revenue Growth Strategies for the New Year

What will you do differently in the New Year to help your small business grow? I recommend first optimizing your existing and most effective marketing activities before you initiate any new projects. By improving strategies already working, you’re almost guaranteed that the extra time and money you spend today will ultimately help your small business…

5 Skills You Must Master Before Launching a Start-Up

You’re on the cusp of that one big idea. It’s a time of excitement, research and discussion. You’re itching to jump headlong into launching your start-up. But before you do, you should pause for a moment and put your mind to 5 essential skills. Then, once you’ve mastered them, the business world is your oyster….

Small Business Start Ups and Financing Errors

It is a fact that more and more people are taking the risk of becoming self employed and exploring their dream of setting up their own business. This growing trend has left business start up funds an ever growing commodity. Most small business start ups fail within the first 5 years and a lot of…