Small Talk? Try Smart Conversation

Some people are an absolute genius when it comes to small talk and social chatter. They can be put in any social situation and they will come up with topics to discuss with the person in front of them. Yes, we all envy them. But the thing is, nothing comes out of that mindless chatter, as they move from one person to the next. If you are one of those people with this natural gift, here’s what you need to know to enhance that small talk into a smart conversation. Make use of what you’ve got!

Instead of…

  • Asking for answers, ask for a story. That’s right! Avoid asking yes or no questions, instead ask questions that they wouldn’t expect, like “How did you end up in your line of work?” There’s always a story associated with that one. Some other examples are:

“So, what’s next for you?”

“What do you think was a turning point in your career?”

  • Agreeing with what they say, say something else! If you simply nod and agree with a remark the other person makes, the conversation goes nowhere! Try challenging the other person, making them think about the whys and the Be proactive! Even if it makes you look absurd. Absurdity is the new interesting.
  • Worrying about what the other will think about you, find out what they think about you! Don’t hesitate to say something because you fear the other person’s response. It is natural to want to protect yourself in front of a stranger by not opening up but that is one of the easiest ways to make the other person comfortable around you! Be comfortable around them! The conversation will flow much more easily. When we see honesty in others we open up to them too, because we start relating.

It is the ideas that the entrepreneurs start with. Turn small talk into big business ideas! You never know when you might stumble upon one that’s worth expanding into your next business.