Why Reading A Book Needs To Fit Into Your Business Plan

There is a great quote that I would like to start off with:

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.”
― Anna Quindlen, How Reading Changed My Life

One of the biggest adventures a person could have is read a book. Reading introduces us to a repository of knowledge that is endless. It fosters our mental development and enhances creative thinking and visualization skills; thus it keeps alive the innovation in us. There is no knowing what our ideas a mind can come up with from between the words of a book.

Reading books, when introduced from an early age, helps improve language skills, as well as enhances a person’s ability to express themselves better. As a child grows older, this reading habit transforms them into an enriched and well versed person who presents themselves and their ideas in a clear and effective manner. This is a key quality in an entrepreneur. You may have a brilliant idea for a startup business, but unless you can communicate the genius of it from your head to the real world, how will others know about the greatness you came up with?

In terms of starting a business, there is nothing that a person cannot self-learn with the help of a book. In today’s world, we have numerous autobiographies of famous entrepreneurs. Reading their words provide an insight into how these people structured their businesses, what steps they took, what decisions they made and why they made them. Reading about these people will help shape an entrepreneur; it will allow the opportunity to learn from the best, simply by reading about their experiences.  Even better, branch out into science, exploration, history, how-to books, there’s a plethora of categories out there waiting to be made use of in the Bookstore section.

Want to know one habit that highly successful people have? They read for an hour every day. Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates reads for an hour before bed every day.  Apart from increasing your knowledge, reading also helps you boost your mental help by reducing stress and anxiety. Take advantage of that mental workout.

Books allow us to become a part of a timeless conversation that has no boundaries across the globe. They let us experience another realm, they take us places we can only imagine, experience a life other than what we have. They expand our minds and let our creative juices flow. A business needs a constant flow of creativity and innovation to succeed.

Early reading allows children to grow comfortable around books and they take this companionship with books on throughout their life. People who do not develop the habit of reading, get intimidated by text or prefer books dominated by images (What? No pictures?! How am I supposed to read this?!) Don’t become that person. Develop a healthy relationship with books. Bring them back into style. They are here for a reason.

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