The Importance of Networking At Live Events

Networking at Live Events is certainly something that is under-rated. Not only do you get the education that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey, but the people that you meet could change your life.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people tell me that they just can’t afford to go.

What? You can’t afford not to go. You will more than likely not accomplish your goals without the help and knowledge of those who are already getting the kind of results you are seeking.

When you attend a Networking Event you never know who you will meet. And you never know how you might be able to help them or they might be able to help you! And the help I am referring to does not just have to be about a “need” you have today.

When you start networking with like-minded entrepreneurs something amazing happen, relationships are made, which could open a world of possibilities for you.

You never know what this may do for you down the road. If you haven’t ever attended an event, then my suggestion to you would be to start. You just never know how this opens doors for you.

I have heard some say that they are just to intimated by all of this, that they wouldn’t now what to do or say. Well take my word for it, most people who attend these events are looking for something, and that something maybe just what you have to offer.

I recently was invited to an event from a challenge that I won. I reached out a found another Entrepreneur who was going to the event alone and we shared the expenses of a room and the rental car. My friends and family thought I was Crazy for doing something so daring. I actually thought it was exciting. :)

Anyways we met at the airport, she was a bit younger and less experienced than me, but we had quite a bit in common. We were both entrepreneurs, we liked the beach, we liked seafood and we both had an online business.

Well, after a few conversations, I found out that she was struggling to get her business going. This I could relate to, because when I first got started I tried to figure it all out on my own to. So of course when she asked me to Mentor her, I was more then happy to oblige. She was genuinely grateful that I was willing to help her out.

The first day of the event I was networking with another entrepreneur, this time it was a gal who was older than myself. She was at the event just checking things out. She was a doctor for many years and of course with her age, they made her retire. Well Guess what? Yep another opportunity just opened up for me, I made two new connections.

It just makes so much sense to get yourself to live events and start networking with these people, it is going to take your life and business to another level. They are looking for you, they need your help. Maybe it is you who is looking for the help, either way, I promise you if you just get over your fear and take this serious, someone will approach you and a new relationship will be made.

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