Go Green With Your New Start up

69612-20150519One of the biggest and hyped up trends in the business world today is the Go Green movement. What’s the real deal? Want to know why your business should care?

Here’s why:

The most obvious answer to this question is all around you. Your planet! If you don’t go green, pretty soon there won’t be a planet to worry about whether you should be going green or not. Most businesses are reluctant to put in extra costs and worry about something that’s going to happen thousands of years from now. But here’s the good news: Sustainability today no longer means choosing between your profits and your principles. In the past, talking about going green would mean you either choose to make a stand and “Go Green” no matter what the losses, or you simply ignore it and focus on generating higher profits. In this day and age, these two choices are no longer mutually exclusive.

Today less waste equals more cash since reduction of waste will reduce your costs and give you a significant amount of savings. Businesses around the world are consuming a gigantic chunk of the environmental pollution blame. The average business consumes 3.6 tons of paper a year. Think of it as a large garden full of trees. Now think of all the businesses around you. That’s a lot of trees. That’s why recycling and reducing waste have become the top two ways of creating a green workplace. Companies whether large or small have started taking steps to reduce their carbon footprints.

Green walls are becoming a regular sight in most offices these days. These towering walls of plants are not just easy on the eyes but on the environment as well. They allow less heat to be radiated indoors, thereby reducing the cooling requirements of a building and saving up on electricity costs. These living walls do more than just make the building “look” green.

Also, sustainability today has taken a step further and is no longer just about lowering utility bills. Now that more and more people have jumped on the green wagon, it has become a thought process and a next-generation business thinking agenda because it increases a company’s value by attracting sustainability-conscious customers, thereby improving capital and funding.

There are also apps being developed that encourage sustainability like iRecycle, which shows you locations where you can recycle and what you can recycle and PaperKarma which helps save paper by reducing the junk mail you get. All you do is take a picture of the junk mail you got and upload it on the app, and it gets your name off mailing list.

Everyone knows that this is a social obligation that cannot be ignored. But people were reluctant to do it because of the extra effort it takes and the costs it incurs. Now it is becoming easier and easier to bring this obligation to the top of everyone’s agenda because of how easy it is becoming and will continue becoming in the future, leading us to a healthy, green and sustainable planet to work in.