How to Deliver A Business Pitch While Communicating Effectively

Since the most effective way of communication is speech, you should be aware of how effective you are whilst communicating an idea or a proposal. Public speaking is one of the key skills that can make or break your business, whether you’re a start-up or have been around for a long time. There is a difference between the ability to stand before an audience and just deliver a speech and the ability to stand before an audience and communicate effectively. Recognize the difference and embrace the latter. Your business will thank you for it.

Here are 3 hidden factors in your speaking skills that you can work on to influence your meeting with prospective clients so that they walk away with the satisfaction to invest and you walk away with a project you deserve.

Don’t give them the entire story

Many times, entrepreneurs get caught up in the excitement of pitching their idea and try to give the client as much information as they can. This way, you lose the interest of your client fast. If you don’t say something that catches their attention in the first couple of minutes, you’re most likely to lose them. Try to start out with something to pique their curiosity. Be clear and concise.

Maintain the balance between credibility and compassion

Yes, it is important to build your credibility in your speech because you want the clients to know they are investing in a reliable company. It shows that you are confident and trustworthy which reflects on your business. However, be cautious of crossing the line into “I’m so good that I’m almost too good for you”. Keep in mind that you also want to be able to connect with your clients on their level. If that connection is not there, a client will be reluctant to commit. Punctuate your professional speech with a personal anecdote here and there that reminds your client that you’re like them too and that you understand what it is like to be in there shoes. Identification with the company is key for a client.

 Create a desire for your service

When you’re in front of an audience, instead of just talking about your idea, show them how it can help them. Craft your offer to the audience in a way that generates their interest and has them coming back for more. Try picking out a participant from the audience and engage them in something related to your proposal. This technique not only makes your speech more personal for that one participant but it also affects the audience much more when the attention is on one of them.

Having a business idea is the first step. The next step is communicating that idea effectively to the world. The good news is that this can be learned. Get started on your speaking skills and watch the world of difference it makes to your business. A little eloquence doesn’t hurt, right?